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    Training workshop

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    Updated   04/09/2019 1:16 PM

    #Baghdad_Women_Association Duhok-Siji Center started a workshop for adolescent girls as part of Creating Safe Spaces for Girls to Express Themselves  project supported  by Al Karama Foundation for two days 25th  - 26th  August 2019  in the presence of 15 adolescent girls and 5 participants from the staff BWA .

    The beginning of the  training conducted by project manager Huda Rafid talking about the most important services provided by BWA , followed by a detailed explanation of the project that each group consist 5 volunteers to hold 5 session for 10 girls .

    The workshop dealt with the role of teenage girls in helping their colleagues to practice their normal lives again, especially after the war and their  psychological and physical effects .

    At conclusion, participants  discussed AG behaviors and how family and friends deal with teenage girls in order to get experience and skills in dealing with teenage girls as well as looking forward to new ideas where applied in the project  sessions .

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