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    Updated   08/09/2019 11:46 AM

    A representative of #Baghdad_Women_Association Ruaa Bdeawi participated in a discussion session held by Ufuq Organization for Human Development within the United Nations Development Program, which focused on (the role of local communities "tribes" in supporting the rule of law) on 5 September 2019 in the municipal council of Sadr City and in the presence of tribal elders and members From the municipal council, community police and civil society organization.

    The dialogue focused on the authority of the tribes in Iraqi society and the magnitude of their influence, which requires the participation of tribes in strengthening the role of law and support its men in implementing the principle of the rule of law and supremacy.

    The outcome of the session and its recommendations were focusing on the necessity of developing a document of honor between the tribesmen and security institutions to come up with solutions to the problems of "tribal attacks due to conflicts between two families of different tribes", with a discussion on the possibility of changing a number of tribal laws in a strategy that serves the Iraqi law.


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