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    Listening and counseling center in Nineveh Plain\Qaraqoush

    “Sixth session of Women speak out “

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    Updated   22/09/2019 12:46 PM

    Baghdad Women Association implement the sixth session of Women speak out in Qaraqush listening and counseling center throughout the project of “Enhancing Community Resilience and Empowerment of Returnee Women and Girls in Nineveh Plain, Al-Hamdaniya district” which its funded by Lutheran World Federation in the date of 18/Sep/2019.

    The session targeted 13 women and girls and included an ice break exercise and then the social worker starts the discussion of the importance of women's presence and participation in society in addition to the exercise of the life  river, which represents the stages of life were identified sources of encouragement and guidance and how to support and what are the steps of support and then discuss community support networks and their importance and role in life stages and concluded hearing the stories and opinions of the participants.


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