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    Telkef fair

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    Updated   22/09/2019 1:18 PM


    In the occasion of International Peace Day 21st of Sep. 2019 Baghdad Women Association implemented the fourth fair in Nineveh / Telkef District in cooperation with Mr. Bassim Bello/surrogate of Telkit District and Mrs. Mayson Albadry/Program Manager in Al-Fajr Center for Iraqi Researches and Studies within “Monitoring and Advocacy for the implementation of the Iraqi National Action Plan for UNSCR 1325” supported by UN Women and WPHF under the slogan ''Women, Peace, Security''.

     The fair started with a speech from Mr. Bello expresses his support to women issues and what she is severing from marginalization of her rights and violence she is exposed to, also the important of providing all needed support to improve her status. Introduction session followed Mr. Bello speech about INAP of UNSCR 1325 presented by Mrs. Mayson Al-Badry the important of the INAP and its pillars and the fact that it was created for (Women, Peace, Security)

    The fair was opened and presented hand-craft arts of women from camps and violent survivors.

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