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    Listening and counseling center in Nineveh Plain\Qaraqoush

    Implementation the  English language course in Hamdaniya district – Qaraqoush  Center

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    Updated   21/10/2019 1:43 PM

    Within the project of Reintegration Support for Women and Girls Returnees to Al-Hamdaniya District and Seji Village Baghdad Women Association started implementing English course in Al-Hamdaniya district/Qaraqoush Center on 20/October/2019 supported by Tearfund organization.  The course will last for 10 days with 15 women and girls. The course is organized for the beginners in learning English language. The course includes learning the basics of English language, as well teaching the participants how to write, read, and pronounce the words, furthermore women and girls they will participate in the dialogue sessions to improve participant's skills using the language.  

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