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    The lawyer Rasha Khalid from Baghdad Women Association

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    Updated   24/08/2018 1:40 PM

    The lawyer Rasha Khalid from Baghdad Women Association, participated in an extended workshop which was implemented by the Ministry of Electricity on the challenges that face the Ministry and the recent crisis on 2nd August 2018 at the HQ of the conference hall and Mr. Hashim Al-Shididi, Director of the Office of the Ministry of Electricity was in charge and Mr. Mosaab Mudaris, Director of Media department, Mr. Ahmed Al-Juboory Director of Public Information department. In the presence of the representatives of other ministries, activists and activists of civil society organizations and a number of media organizations, the conference axes focused on dividing the challenges faced by the Ministry of Electricity into direct challenges, indirect challenges and external challenges. The most immediate challenges were that the ministry does not take responsibility alone, Others have a participatory responsibility and are deficient in the performance of their duties, such as the Ministry of Oil and poor fuel, which we receive from them, which entails the damage of transformers and the need for constant maintenance periodically, and the Ministry of Water Resources, which does not give us the share which caused the stop of many pumps because of water scarcity, as well as the Ministries of Interior and Defense and the poor security situation, which caused the destruction and theft of many power towers and the disruption of stations because of sabotage and terrorism. Within 4 days were destroyed 7 towers. And targeting and killing employees in the ministry, the ministry gave 300 martyrs after a crisis, on the other hand we face challenges related to the municipalities and the Secretariat of the capital, if the voltages are low and we wanted to raise the voltages in a region, we need to allocate spatial and land plots to install towers and transformers, In addition, the spread of informal housing and random complexes that spread in Baghdad after 2003, which evade when they receive electricity from the quota allocated to the regular area and this causes the additional load on the attempts and can cause an explosion, forcing us to maintain and re-activate. In addition, the family is divided into several families in the same house and the population density. The indirect influences are linked to the Ministry of Higher Education, which provides us with staff of electrical engineering graduates who suffer from a weak scientific level who can't meet the needs of the work in the field application. Also other challenges of the shops.  One of the shops in Mansur, which has 600 light bulbs even during the day, many of them refrain from paying their bills. As far as external influences are concerned, they are linked to the lack of access to electricity. External expertise as well as the failure of foreign companies to invest in Iraq, fear of the security situation that hinder the completion of projects, after the completion of the challenges provided the audience a range of treatments and proposals, most notably the formation of an operations room linked to the seven ministries. As well as the use of Chinese companies, which have more than once expressed their desire to cooperate with Iraq, and the use of information to raise the awareness of the community and the involvement of civil society organizations and focus on programs aimed at children and urged the citizen since childhood . The conference concluded thanks to the attendance and mention of the existence of meetings and other conferences to reduce this crisis.

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