Baghdad Time


    Baghdad Women Association In Media

    Social Protection for widows in Iraq project

    radiosawa website
    Workshop on combating administrative corruption and the role of women in society

    commission of integrity website

    Together For The Protection Of Abused Women

    Al Nakhla news website

    Baghdad Women's Association
     demands for the Elimination of Discrimination
    against Women

    Al Hewar almutamaden website

    Bridges Project

    Aliraqi website

    Baghdad Women's Association "made a course on the use Facebook& Twitter

    Al Nakhla news website
    AL-Sabbah aljadeed  Newspaper

    Prevention, Monitoring And Reporting On Gender Based Violence

    Shauoob website

    Empowering the capacities of civil society activists in acquisition of techniques for resolving and managing conflicts


    arab metro

     alittahad news paper

    iraq hurr website


     Activism against Gender violence

    iraqnews website


     Strengthening women's political participation

    alsabah newspaper

     Resolution 1325

    mazin al yasery website

    Against violence against women

    alsabah newspaper

     Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, discusses the role of women in the Iraqi Constitution

    maktoob website

    Acquainting with women's rights related to their dignity to resist violence

     nakhla news website

    Project of electoral awareness campaign "Vote for your future"

    Election Forum website

    Raising awareness about combating violence against women

    AL-Tareek Net website

    Training and empowering women to obtain democratic electoral skills in local and municipal councils

     AL-Tareek Net website

     Iraqi Charities forum Website  

     AL-Jeeran Website

    Educational AL-Rusafa second organized a panel on the role of women in society

     Iraq today website

    Baghdad Women's Association Discussing security council resolution 1325

    AL-Sabbah Newspaper


    The work of the Listening centers at BWA to help women that suffered from GBV in Iraqi media

    AL-Sabbah Newspaper

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